About the Сonference

Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Samara State Technical University, and Samara State University organize the International Conference on Mathematical Physics and Its Applications. The Conference will take place in Samara, one of the most beautiful places in Russia on the Volga River, from August 27 to September 1, 2012.

Assumed to hold such conferences every two years starting from 2008. The first two conferences were held on the basis of Samara State University.

The Conference topics include:

  • Equations of mathematical physics,
  • p-Adic mathematical physics,
  • Mechanics, theory of continuum mechanics and statistical physics;
  • Quantum field theory, superstrings and high-energy physics;
  • Gravity and Cosmology;
  • Optimal ontrol in mathematical physics problems;
  • and also application of mathematical physics to nanoscale, chemistry, economics, biology and computer science.